Subject:RE: 1959 165 Kick Starter Date:Thu Jul 2 16:51:02 2015
Response to:20603
Mine does the same thing sometimes. The kick lever has a
crescent shaped gear that turns some gear on the clutch
basket. see:

There is a return spring, but seems that the gears may need
to engage properly as well. Mine required a slight tug,
felt like the gears meshing, then returned on its own.

Attach pictures please.

I have recently inherited my father's 1959 165
and plan to restore it to it's original condition. She is
really cleaning up nicely.

I'd like to check for spark, but when I kicked it gently
over, the kick starter stayed down. I can easily move it
back up, but I'm wondering if this is normal, or should it
recoil to it's starting position.

I read through the HUM EX extensively, but cannot find any
posts discussing this.

Thank you for any guidance you could offer!