Subject:RE: 1960 Super 10 for Sale Date:Sat Jul 11 12:09:11 2015
Response to:20597
Jim and Russ.

Mr. Carl ain't doing real well. He asked me this morning if I
could help him sell his bike. Here is a picture of the Super
10. It has the tool box and oil can holder, was redone about 5
or 6 years ago. kept in the garage since then. I think he has a
little over 1000 miles on it. If either of you are interested,
I can drive over to his house and take some more pics and email
them to ya. If ya have any questions, you can give him a call
at (903) 385-0604

For Sale: 1960 Super 10. Older restoration, very
clean, I'm almost 80 years old now, just can't hold it up any
more. Email for pics

Carl James