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Subject:RE: RE: Gold harley Date:Wed Jul 15 18:50:01 2015
Response to:20632
I'm working on the seat now
It actually won't be a steam punk bike. All the steel will be chromed. No
paint will be on the bike. Something a little more like Ian Barry's falcon
bikes or chicara nagata's liquid Chrome bikes.

O.K.,so as cool as the bike's left side look's I guess we'll
just have to imagine what the right side look's like eh ?
Also are you still in the pondering stages of what to do
about a seat or do you sit on that steel thong ?
More questions to follow,just know that I'm a fan of the
Steam Punk look and your interpretation of it.
I know how much thought goes into doing something outside
the box which is at least half the fun and reason for doing
it in the first place, keep those happy thoughts coming !