Subject:RE: Did you RIDE YOUR HUMMER TODAY ??? Date:Thu Jul 16 22:35:11 2015
Response to:20643
dave that was really inspring. (probably spelled it wrong) it really made me want to go do the same. it's been a long time since i let it all go and did something like that. been fighting illness for almost a year now. i get out once in a while on the big bikes but just for a cruse, not an adventure like you.
maybe i will get my butt in gear and make it happen.
thanks for making me think.

I rode my Hummer today. Did you?

This winter lasted forever - cold and damp. Then summer came - hot and humid, and then it rained every day for weeks, Now it's mid-July, and FINALLY we've had some beautiful Spring days here in Virginia.

Today was gorgeous - blue skies, sunny and fair. I took my 1955 Hummer on a 30 mile ride. It took 2 and 1/2 hours to go 30 miles, since I took roads ranging from 5 mph to 55 mph.

I stopped at some railroad tracks, and walked the ties for 10 minutes, explored an abandoned cistern, and then walked ten minutes back.

I drove up some gravel roads that went nowhere, turned around, and returned back to somewhere.

I barrelled down a 55 mph road flat-out at (well maybe) 45 mph, but there was no one else on the road.

I cow-trailed at 5 mph up some, well, cow trails. I rode on about every kind of road in-between.

And had a total blast the entire day.

I hope you will do so too - tomorrow. Wake up - that's today.

Dave Hennessey