From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Did you RIDE YOUR HUMMER TODAY Date:Fri Jul 17 00:01:06 2015
Response to:20646

Sometimes a man and a motorcycle get lost in their surroundings, whether it's in a city street, or a country road, or on railroad tracks And then they find themselves - from within.

There's no photo or video that can capture those kind of moments...

There's only one person who knows which day my last day will be, and He ain't tellin'. So I try to enjoy each day as if it were my last - heck, it just might be!

Railroad tracks have long held a fascination for me. It's a totally public place where, for the most part, you can be totally alone with your thoughts.

When I was a kid, a railroad spur ran through my neighborhood. We walked the tracks as shortcut to everywhere. After the train stopped running, it was still a shortcut to everywhere. We'd skip classes in high school, meet up and smoke dope down on the tracks. We'd meet girls and do stuff down on the tracks. Or we'd just go alone and commune with nature and our own thoughts - in our own little private/public place.

Go take a one-day vacation on your Hummer, and stop where ever the urge grabs you. It might only be a moment, but make a memory out of the moment.

When they've parked you in a nursing home, you'll be glad you have some memories to look back on...


Ya now Dave, there are many people that believe that
without pictures it's merely a story.Photo's make the
adventure come alive.