From:leo struijk
Subject:clutch and rear brake 1948S Date:Mon Jul 27 14:38:43 2015
Hi Hummer fellow owners,
I own a nice original 1948S model and currently assembling.

I noticed there is no adjustment screw at either the lever at handlebar or at engine clutch lever to adjust clutch. I realise this can be partly done with screw at outside of case cover.
Any advise how best to proceed to install new coil and cable, need to solder partnumber 28346-47 what I found overhere to cable end but what is best method.

Secondly noticed there is no rear brake lever spring and doubt if shoe springs tension is enough to bring back nfoot brake lever in ols position
Any adnise would be appreciated because are not many of these modelsaround here in Europe

Thanks leo AMC # 2910