From:leo struijk
Subject: correct 1948 wiring and routing Date:Wed Jul 29 14:59:05 2015
Hi fellow 48S owners/restorers.
Thanks for earlier response.

Putting currently wiring on my bike but repro set was for 48-59 so had to adjust as follows with help of parts book, riders manual diag and good detailed photo on this site.
I think for 1948S following is correct
2 looms going down, 5/16 ‘’to relay and 1/4’’ to horn thru saddle bracket and with clamp 9976, instead of one 3/8’’loom. Removed yellow wire in main loom, not required, possible later yrs
6 connector terminals (9912) are used to connect same colored wire at various places and located them
Still puzzled where to connect negative battery wire to frame ( ground), cannot find hole for screw?
Still puzzled where to connect yellow ground at generator which comes from left relay mounting screw wire (see photo)
Looking for details ofcorrect routing close left and below relay for main loom and loom coming from generator. No clamps or ties in parts book
Ps restoring original Delco relay with small cover ( fixing rubbers/brackets) . How to test relay electrically?
Thanks for any advise