From:Tom Webb
Subject:RE: RE: RE: 1953 165 Date:Wed Jul 29 18:47:49 2015
Response to:20671



Speedo works perfectly, motor starts easily and shifts fine, new crank mains and seals, motor disassembled and inspected, and reassembled and sealed. New rings, rear chain, new plug wire, new cables, Original seat chain guard, tool box, fenders, head light, tail light, wiring, nice GoodYear tires. exhaust system. Brakes both function as they should.

Pretty much every thing on this bike is original except for the tail light red lens, the head light lens and the spark plug. Hi/lo beam and tail light work. Fenders are good originals that haven't been bobbed. Missing left carb cover. Has a Delco horn, but not the original one.

Want to trade for a equal condition 1950 model 125

Checked out and repaired by Mutt.