Subject:RE: RE: unknown 48S parts.......shifter lever Date:Sun Aug 2 02:26:27 2015
Response to:20678
Hi Mutt,
Many thanks and found it in parts book. Must have replaced it with correct 1947 foot shifter lever in past. Must have somewhere in my stock the later model foot shiftlever 34606-52/54, assume by my M50 moped parts and can make somebody else happy with it


n The part on the right is a 34618-55 Hummer B model shifter
peg, the spring on the left , not a Hummer part

Hi fellow S model owners,

Found 2 left over parts (see photo) in my pile of parts and no
idea where these came from and not in parts book. Was 6 yrs ago
I dismantled my 48S8900
Spring could be added by previous owner but kind of stud/handle
with 5/16-24 threaded end seems to have a function.
Checked my other Harley projects but sofar no clue yet
If somebody recognize thanks for letting me know