From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Chainguard Date:Mon Aug 17 19:56:16 2015
Response to:20702

I bow to your superior knowledge. Please describe the die-cast finish v. sand-cast finish.

As a restorer, given 50-year-old dirty, filthy, oil-stained crankcases and similar condition engine-case covers, how do you refinish them to "factory finish"?

What do you do to the engine cases?
What do you do to the engine covers?

We want to guide people in the right direction. If I'm wrong, just tell me. I'm a big guy, I can admit when I'm wrong (I quite often am), just tell me - and everyone else who is reading this - what is right.


Dave , only the cases and magneto covers were sand cast the generator covers and primary covers are die cast. I have a NOS generator cover. These are "as die cast" Nothing is done to them after they come outta the dies.