From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: CONTACTS IN ONTARIO CANADA Date:Sat Aug 22 19:11:00 2015
Response to:20715

You are right to seek contacts in Canada about bringing this bike into Canada - you need to research the issues based on Canadian laws and regulations - before you make the deal.

You may actually have two different issues - importation, and then getting a title.

Problems with importing a vehicle into Canada MAY have to do with meeting Canadian safety standards - not with having a title.

Each country has different safety standards, and manufacturers build the cars/bikes to meet the standards of the country the are intended to be sold in. These standards usually relate to emissions controls, lights, and glass. A new Porsche designed for sale in Germany will not meet US or Canadian standards, so you can not import one without extensive modifications.

Many antique vehicles are exempt from these safety standards, and importing them is a simple as filling out some government forms.

Years ago, I brought a 1941 DKW RT-125 bike from Germany into the United States. I figured out what forms I needed, filled them out, and sent them to the shipping company. The bike flew (literally) through customs into the U.S.

Although Canadian law may require you to have a title before bringing it into the country, getting a title is probably a different issue you will have to face - later, when you have spent $$$ to restore it, and then want to get license plates. So now is the time to address the issue, not later.

Here in the US, it varies state-by-state, and I suspect it varies province-by-province too. Some states make it very easy to get a title for a vehicle that doesn't have one, others make it extremely hard. You have to figure it out for your province - using up-to-date information.

I've started writing a long article about this subject several times, but have never finished it. Maybe now is the time.

Good luck - and tell us what you find out.


FOUND A ? 59 HUMMER ALMOST ALL THERE IN THE US [ complete bike needs cyl ,piston, head ,carb good frame NO TITLE VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT CONDITION $ 350.00 may bring every thing across the border except frame and motor [rules at the border I my need a Canadian frame and motor with ownership things are not right about this deal RON