From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: CONTACTS IN ONTARIO CANADA Date:Sun Aug 23 01:30:32 2015
Response to:20717

No title + seller refuses to give you the engine serial number = good probability of being stolen.

Walk away...

Thanks Dave ,bike is located in OHIO ,owner will not give frame #s or engine #s . 6 hr. drive 1 way to look at this bike . bike is very nice shape in a small picture .owner ? said his grandfather passed away ,and left the bike to him ,he is willing to give me a bill of sale , more l find out, its a 125 cc. auto ,telascopic front end . now I believe its around a 51 ,l told him l thought the value is around $ $ 8000. still will sell for $350.00 RON

FOUND A ? 59 HUMMER ALMOST ALL THERE IN THE US [ complete bike needs cyl ,piston, head ,carb good frame NO TITLE VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT CONDITION $ 350.00 may bring every thing across the border except frame and motor [rules at the border I my need a Canadian frame and motor with ownership things are not right about this deal RON