From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Problem starting 1960 Date:Sun Aug 23 15:32:38 2015
Response to:20720
Read your Service Manual! If you don't have one, have your local Harley dealer get you Part# 99444-93 about $40.

Before running a continuity check (6 volt battery and light bulb) on any wires, disconnect the wires at the coils. Putting juice into the coils could demagnetize the rotor!

Both the upper and lower coils are the same - you can switch them out - perhaps one is bad, and other is not.

Testing coil for open - hook battery to coil wire, light bulb to other coil wire, battery to light bulb. Light bulb should light.

Testing coil for short to ground - battery to coil wire, battery to light bulb, light bulb to ground. Other coil wire not touching anything. Light bulb should NOT light.

Testing coil for internal short - not possible. Try swapping coils.

Testing rotor for magnetism - not possible - compare to another one. These seldom go bad, though.

Points are .018, plug .040 to .045

There are poorly made point sets out there. Check to be
sure they're not grounded out. Being new they may also have
a 'glazing' on the contact tips. Run a piece of fine
sandpaper over them. Also run a continuity check on each &
every wire in the ignition circuit to make sure there are
no internal breaks in the wire stopping the flow of

Just restored 1960 super 10. Put new points,condenser,
Cole. Still no spark.
What else can we check?