From:Don Biter
Subject:RE: RE: Valve stem caps Date:Wed Sep 9 09:00:20 2015
Response to:20744
I'm glad I could help, I don't think I'm the coolest on my block but everyone agrees that I'm definitely the nosiest! But they know where to go when something needs fixed.

I'm not only a cool kid, I'm the coolest kid on my block!

Seeing as how these were real Harley-Davidson Accessories, I'll take three sets of Red ones - one for my 1955 Hummer (Pepper Red), and one for its big brother, a 1954 KH (also Pepper Red). And little brother, 1962 XLCH (Flight Red, a tiny bit darker than Pepper) doesn't want to get left out.

Like Terry said, "Where do I send the check?"


P.S. Thanks Mutt - for loaning Don the originals to copy.

OK, I am finally producing the caps, HD #11562-47, it took a while to work out the bugs. I have the standard colors plus I can make them in any color including metallic colors. I make them in small batches so custom colors are no extra cost. The price is $8.50 per set shipping included. I have been told, all of the cool kids have these.