From:John Dutra
Subject:RE: Harley Pacer dresser Date:Fri Sep 18 11:48:51 2015
Response to:20759
WOW;what a find Matt! Awesome example of a Pacer. Welcome to
the exchange.A lot of good people here to help you with
breathing life back into your new joy toy. Where are you
located? You may want to check out one of the AMCA show and
swap meets if you can and of course we love to have new
additions to the family so don't be shy and bring your pacer
out too.
Good luck and again: WELCOME !

Just getting into these bikes. Mine is a 64 Pacer in
black with windshield, crash bar, grab bar, saddlebags, and
the oil can holder (think that was optional). It was a one
owner bike up until about a year ago. I also received the
owner's manual along with two other year manuals and the
original title from Indiana. Can't wait to get it going!