From:Dana Miller
Subject:RE: OLD Facebook message Date:Sat Sep 19 23:06:19 2015
Response to:20763
Dave, is there anyway to post on the Facebook page? Dana

Jim sent me this message on the Hummer Club Facebook page - back in May
2015. Since we don't monitor the FB page, it's kinda old. Maybe he still has this
stuff for sale, maybe not. If you call him and it's been sold, please respond to
this message so we know. - Dave

I have a box of rings to fit the various models of the 2 stroke model 165, by box
I mean several types from .005 to .040 os. (Over 20 sets of rings) Some pistons,
some gears, sprockets (primary) and trans sprockets secondary. Looking to send
it all to a decent home for a fair price. If interested contact me 724 552 3944 ask
for Jim