From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: valve stem caps Date:Mon Sep 28 18:38:09 2015
Response to:20779
If you're really serious, this is going to take several surreptitious recon missions.

First - look at her Shoes.

If they're black, they're just all-purpose shows. If they're blue, green, purple, or lavender, then check out the fingernails, the lipstick, scarf, and other clothing accessories. If you get two hits on the same color, you've hit pay dirt.

Call Don, and special order some valve stem caps in Mulberry Mauve or whatever unnatural color she wears.

I wonder what her favorite color is? That could be the key to complete success!

I received my valve stem caps from Don Biter today. I'm going to install them and ride around the neighborhood to see the reactions I might get. There's this really cute girl at the end of the block that smiled at me once. I'll pretend I'm having trouble in front of her house and see if she comes out to see what's wrong. Don, I'm counting on your valve stem covers to do the trick and help me win her heart!