From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: valve stem caps Date:Mon Sep 28 20:56:16 2015
Response to:20781
Brent - you're way ahead of me - I put a pair on my '62 Sportster, and so far no girls have even looked my way!

Now, I must admit the XLCH is not nearly as cute as a '55 Hummer - BUT THEY'RE THE SAME COLOR PAINT - AND HAVE THE SAME COLOR VALVE CAPS. Remember guys - accessorize!

So I'll have to pull the Hummer out of the shed and drive it down my street. There's a really, really cute girl whose RFD mailbox is about a mile down my street, but her house is down a long driveway off a side street. I've only seen her once collecting her mail, and when I slowed down and waved, she waved back.

It's gonna take a lotta recon missions, but you remember Memorial Day 2011, when I put out the Ride Your Hummer challenge, and then met these girls down my street? The really cute one's mailbox is about 1/4 mile closer.

Drat, gosh dang, and darn it. She's engaged! She liked my
bike though and asked about my red valve stem covers,
"Those are really cute. Where'd you get them?" Of course I
told her 'Don Biter' :-)
I saw Dave Hennessey's post and I think he's really onto
something there!

inquiring minds want to know...