From:Christopher Lillback
Subject:RE: Hummer Date:Wed Sep 30 12:37:56 2015
Response to:20752

I recently picked up a 1949 Hummer basket
case that I'm looking to restore. My research tells me
the cylinder bore on this motor is 2.125 but it measures
at 2.105. Huh?
We've honed the cylinder out to 2.120 to
clean up a groove left by a ring sticking out of the
piston, but I can't seem to find out what the actual
standard piston size is? .010 - .070 over,(over what?)
I've tried contacting the 2 places that i've
found that sell hummer pistons but neither answer the
phone or return messages. Any help on this would be
greatly appreciated!
I also can't identify the year of the frame.
The fork and frame part numbers are 45692-53 and 47454-
53. The only info I found is that these are simply part

Got my motor back from Tom VanBeek today and couldn't be
happier! After talking with several people who rebuild
these engines I sent mine to Tom because he seemed most
honest and trustworthy and he's also a fellow cheesehead!
I got my engine back in a little over a week and
can't wait to get it on the bike! Tom also had all the
parts I need and couldn't be a nicer guy! Thanks Tom