From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Hummer Wheel ??? Date:Tue Nov 3 21:55:52 2015
Response to:20829
Yes, it is a 1955 or 1956 Hummer wheel. Many people call all the similar bikes Hummers, but I mean the true 1955-1959 Hummer, not the Model 165 or others.

CJ is correct, the 1955-56 Hummer did not have a speedometer. However, you could purchase an accessory kit that had a housing and speedo drive that went on the wheel, and speedo and cable.

Your photo shows the housing and speedo drive. Here's a link to the kit:


Have you looked at the information on wheels and tires here?

Also, there is a lot of information here regarding each model year here...

From what I have read, some of the Hummers did not have a front brake strictly as a cost saving measure. The speedo was an option for the same reason.

Can anybody tell me for what bike this wheel is ? i took it out of a Hummer .It has no front brake , is it a racing wheel ?