Subject:RE: RE: Hummer year made Date:Fri Dec 4 19:19:28 2015
Response to:20882
Mr. Dave,all 1952 and later
125/165/Hummer/Super10/Scat/Pacer/Ranger/Bobcat frames DO
have date codes. We have discussed it before on the site.
The date code is on the lower left of the frame's neck. As
soon as I can find out why I can't download these pics I took
this afternoon from my phone to the PC, I'll post 'em.


The number you found on the frame is just a "casting number"
probably just for the frame neck. That neck was used for
many years, but the other parts of the frame changed.

To determine which frame you have, you're going to have to go
over to How-To-Restore, Chapter 4.

BTW, there's a good explanation of the various numbers found
on Harleys over at the K-model/early Sportster site. That
info is geared towards Ks and XLs, but is helpful in general
for other Harleys. Note that there are NO date codes on
Hummer/125/165 frames.

My frame# is 47454-33 I would like to know what year
it was made Thanks Skip on the Big Bend