Subject:RE: RE: RE: title Date:Mon Dec 7 18:11:35 2015
Response to:20891

The problem is that many states will no longer accept these registrations
from a non-title state.

My understanding is that Ohio is one of these states.

If Ohio won't accept it, then you're stuck with Vermont tags and registration.
You can drive around like that, but then what happens when a cop stops
you and asks why you have an Ohio driver's license and Vermont tags -
and you get a ticket.

And then you can only sell the bike to someone in a state that will accept
the Vermont registration. More and more states are refusing to accept

Do your homework at the Ohio DMV!

I'd still rather have a title and a plate when I ride than nothing at all. Any
cop that "pulls" you over will ask more about you bike than about your plate

Look up "Get a title with a Vermont registration"