From:Brent Dugan
Subject:RE: Motor rebuild Date:Sun Jan 3 12:35:02 2016
Response to:20929
Howard, could you do the Club a BIG favor? Since your's
is a low mileage original it would really help the
restorers of your model in verifying different aspects of
it. Could you take photo's of just about everything on
the bike including all the nuts, bolts and cable clips
etc. ? This is a rare opportunity for all of us. If you
do this I can set them up as a Members Page for you so we
can see them. Also, if you'd like to share how you came
across it and any previous history you may have found out
from the previous owner it would make a good story I'm
sure. Feel free to email me at the address above replace
the with an @ The computer changes it to keep
computerized web trolls from getting our members
addresses. Regards, Brent Dugan, webmaster... and YES,
keep it original!

Hi Everyone,
Just bought a 1965 Scat, with 1100 miles
From a collectors point,would it be worth restoring the
bike or just clean it up and get the mechanicals in
Also I live in Salem Oregon area can anyone recommend a
reputable mechanic that works on these classics.
I plan on keeping the bike for display and to ride.
Thank you in advance for any response.