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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Original Lightweight Seat Date:Sat Jan 16 00:21:37 2016
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Beers kicking in. I love it.... you can be anyone you
want to be. What's important are the stories. Thanks Dave
for those.


You're right - that does look like Royalite. These are
hard to come by, since unlike leather, they tended to
split. I know, I have one that is quite nice, except it
has one crack in it.

Neither Heather's Leathers nor Michael Paquette will
recover seats in Royalite (or the equivalent available
today), as they crack when trying to form the material
over the lip, and the reject ratio is just too high. The
Saddle Shop down in Florida may do them, but I hear
they're pretty big dollars.

It's been too long since I thought about this, but I seem
to remember Harley started using the Royalite on the 1955
Hummer, and on the Model 165 a year or two later.

Maybe Mutt or Michael Paquette can fill us in on the

Chad, a seat like this, in what appears to be really
excellent condition, is pretty hard to find. Wish I had
a spare Sportster seat to trade - but those are pretty
hard to find too!

That isn't a leather seat. It is Royalite, a type of
synthetic material used by H-D.