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Subject:RE: Motor rebuild Date:Wed Jan 27 14:27:48 2016
Response to:20929
How far of a restoration do you want to do? Ground up restos look great but lack a
little character.

preservation restos preserve a lot of the character but then you have to choose
what is character, the dent in the tank, scratched paint exc. in this case if the
chrome is bad and doesn't add to the character or you'd like a bend of new and
character, then have all your chrome redone. This can brighten up any old bike and
the contrast between them look great.

An easy thing to do is just leave it as it is but clean it up, polish it and then go over
what is not original and purchase those items. for a preservation job I like to use
used-parts in good condition, that way they kind of blend in.

Both the 2 and the 3rd option are fairly cost affective.

Hi Everyone,
Just bought a 1965 Scat, with 1100 miles
From a collectors point,would it be worth restoring the bike or just clean it up and
get the mechanicals in order.
Also I live in Salem Oregon area can anyone recommend a reputable mechanic that
works on these classics.
I plan on keeping the bike for display and to ride.
Thank you in advance for any response.