From:Vintage Tom Orlando
Subject:RE: RE: Puckett badge Date:Tue Feb 2 19:43:47 2016
Response to:20984


Here is one of your excellent reproduction vale stem capps on my 1955 Hummer. I also have them on my 1962 XLCH (sorry no photos), and have a pair on the shelf for my 1954 KH when it's readily next spring (or following spring).

ALL the COOL PEOPLE have these valve stem caps.

Best of luck finding an original Puckett's badge. There's one out there, all you have to do is dig, and dig, and dig some more.

Hi,Don Tom IN Orlando here,I also have seen that pic and was looking for it last week and thought it to be on an old crashed computer of mine but coulnt retrieve it. good to see that picture as I tore the house and garage apart looking for it on a goose chase.I offered up to 250 dollars to just rent it and return it but the person woulndnt do it.I live 3 blocks from where Pucketts was and was in there many time,s in the very early 80's. Im looking for it too and have been for 5 years or better. God Speed! Vintage Tom, see ya @ silver sands hummer tent!
If I could find a badge that I could borrow or even rent, I could reproduce it for all of us that would like to have one. Just in case anyone has one. I have searched all over Florida and found none, I even contacted the Puckett family with no luck. Someone has to have one somewhere.