From:Don Biter
Subject:RE: RE: Puckett badge Date:Thu Feb 4 18:05:09 2016
Response to:20991
This is part of my plan, I am setting up a 3D printer later
this year. If nothing else, I will make one then.

I have a teacher friend who has classrooms full of students
and a 3-D printer. I can't imagine one of them couldn't
produce a good copy of this in plastic if someone has a
dimension - overall length, between the mounting holes, or
whatever - to let them scale the badge properly from the

Just a thought

If I could find a badge that I could borrow or even
rent, I could reproduce it for all of us that would like to
have one. Just in case anyone has one. I have searched all
over Florida and found none, I even contacted the Puckett
family with no luck. Someone has to have one somewhere.