Subject:RE: handbooks and parts list Date:Tue Feb 9 09:51:58 2016
Response to:20990

Bruce do you still have the old hummer memorabilia? If so I would like to have it. I have a 60 super 10 and was member of club in the 70 then lost interest which was rekindled about 10 years ago. There is void in my manuals ect.

I sold my 165 a number of years ago, still have the parts and owner's manual, Hummer Club booklet for 81-85, Pacer & Scat specs sheet, Hummer News from the 80s. These are photocopied items, for the most part, not "original" documents, but in good shape.
Free to anyone who is willing to pay the postage, probably $5 or so. Please PM me to the above email.