From:Jeff Rense
Subject:Engine Rebuild Date:Sat Feb 20 16:45:57 2016
Hi Friends, I have a 1958 125 B and just had it restored but I am told by the Harley Dealer there are leaks in the engine that make it unusable and it should not be ridden...and that the engine must be taken apart and rebuilt. The perplexing part is that it was already 'rebuilt' when I got it. The leaks are from main gaskets and seals I am told. I saw recently that someone was given high marks here for being an ace at properly rebuilding engines like mine. It might be that the hardware was rebuilt but that the seals dried out and are cracked and leaking. ?? In any case, it can't be ridden like this and 'must be taken completely apart to fix it.' If anyone rebuilds engines and can go through mine and bring it up to snuff, please advise. They are small and can be shipped easily and I can send it right off. I'm not sure that the Harley mechanics can do this job so I am reaching out on the forum here to see what is available. Please give me a call. Many thanks, Jeff 541 482-4298