From:backyard bob e-mail:somewhere-A-newjersey
Subject:RE: Fraudulent ads - BEWARE Date:Tue Mar 8 19:38:56 2016
Response to:21089
We have Hummer Club members in Nigeria? Do they host a
Meet? What do they cook? Is Dr. Pepper going?

We have removed a number of fraudulent ads for complete
bikes from the Exchange.

PLEASE BE ALERT - use your brain before responding to
these kinds of ads. These are pretty easy to spot

1) usually perfect-looking bikes - photo probably lifted
from an eBay listing.

2) There's no contact information, except for a funny-
looking email address.

3) The ad doesn't read like a normal person wrote it.

Behind the scenes, we record the Internet address of all
postings, in case there are problems (like now).

Where did the recent ones come from? NIGERIA