Subject:RE: 48S taillight connector plug Date:Sun Mar 20 21:09:56 2016
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Leo, none of the 125/165/Hummer models thru 1957 came with a
brake light switch (unless you ordered one on the bike when
ya bought it and the Dealer would put it on before you got
the bike.) I think only the prototype 48 model has the plug
with the wire coming into the bottom.In 25+ years of
restoring these bikes, I have never seen one of those plugs
in a unrestored bike. All had the 2 filament plugs

the 9999 wire strap was used only on one place on the bike
thru 59, on the top frame tube, under the tank, just in front
of the seat bracket, to hold the main harness(es)

Hi fellows,
Making good progress with restoration of my 48S8900 and
getting to the details.

Noticed on factory photo taillight wiring is going downwards
from connector plug, what is case with single contact bulb
and 5061-23 plug where wire is connected at bottom.
But my original 48 parts book shows dual plug 5061-34,where
wires are connected at rear, for use of optional brake light
Appreciate any advise what should be correct.

Secondly, where is tie wrap 9999 used?

Many thanks in advance.


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