Subject:RE: RE: Worsham Date:Fri Mar 25 09:52:27 2016
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WOW. wonder what it would be like to go on a vacation ????

Speaking of vacations, anyone down in the South/mid West
might be interested in going to a super swap meet. Coming up
April 28-30 and May 1 at the world famous Texas MotorSpeedway
in Dallas. Pate started 44 years ago in a guy's pasture south
of Ft.Worth Awesome meet. Last year, they started including
antique motorcycles. I walked 9 miles of swap meet !!! Found
some REALLY good deals on parts. This year is supposed to be
even bigger with vintage motorcycles and parts. All paved, no
mud to trudge thru !!! You can get more info at Hope to see some of y'all
there. We are trying to make this way bigger than Davenport

Michael recovered my K-model seat a couple of months ago, so
maybe he's just on vacation.

Does anyone know if Worsham is still in business?
They don't seem to return calls or answer the phone.

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