From:Lee Leroy Lange
Subject:Langes Hummers for sale Date:Thu Mar 31 18:05:10 2016
Yes My Father and I built Lange's Hummers together. First to make parts for these great bikes.
Due to issues the Hummer Gods,(they called my Father Lee Lange that) all is for sale. House, shop, parts, tooling, dies to make more parts. Bikes, and all inventory, all for $ 500k. Washington is a great place to live but Having issues I need to sell off everything. Sorry to you all that I have ignored over the past few years but issues happen. Price is due to housing in this area, my 3 bedroom home on a third acre is $320,000.00 so a good deal on the Hummer inventory. I will not part out this collection, or send out 100's of pictures. Serious buyers only.

Sorry but life happens, hate to see all this go to scrap.
I got dealt a bad hand a few years ago and want someone to continue the Hummer restorations.

Lee Leroy Lange

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