From:Harry McGill
Subject:RE: Harley 165ST wheel hub bearing kits. Date:Wed Apr 13 13:57:08 2016
Response to:21161

Both front and rear wheels use the same standard 6201 bearing or HD #9004.

The front brake drum side uses a HD 9060 needle bearing, however the parts book also show a 9004 with a spacer can be used.

A B-168 bearing (Toyo TR442493) is the same as HD 9060.
The 6201 bearing is the same as HD9004. I prefer to use a double shielded SKF 6201-2ZJEM, NO grease to fool with and discolor the paint, etc.


Hi all:

Looking for fort and back bearings sets for 1955-1958 165 ST wheels and the felt seals also. Me and my buddy are building two bikes and needs bearings for both bikes.

Thanks for any help.


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