Subject:RE: kick start Date:Fri Apr 15 12:34:16 2016
Response to:21170
I have had 3 unbroken ones (one NOS) and know of 2 more that
aren't broken, in the last 25 years


Kick start lever, early , with clamp slot up as pictured in the
parts book. Except for Mutt I would bet you have never seen
one because they were poorly designed and almost all broke at
the proximal end. The replacement by Harley has
a heavier proximal shaft boss and slot is down.
It took 5 yrs to find one to copy and one year to make them.

The originals were malleable iron, The copy is 4140 steel.
They look the same but will not break. I made 51 of them and
that may last 50 years ??

Duane Taylor

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