Subject:RE: Identification Date:Wed Apr 27 18:39:57 2016
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Take a look at these -

Looks like you have a 1951 125cc generator model, one of about 5100 Harley says they made that year.

19" wheels would have been fitted.

Should that tail light be on a 1951? Thought there was supposed to be a bullet tail light on that year.

Might be useful to check out the speedometer pictures to see if yours looks like one of them - they are here:

Guess it is possible that yours has parts from a couple of years or that a later bike had a '51 motor installed...

Does anybody know what this bike is? What year and model? It says 51s 1931 on engine. Would like to know exactly what it is so I can buy the correct parts for it. Thank you very much

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