Subject:RE: cylinder head Date:Fri May 6 13:44:15 2016
Response to:21213
My guess is that the last owner might have been using a much
larger TS-185 piston. You would need to open the diameter of
the combustion chamber up, then machine that "squish band" in
the chamber. All modern 2 stroke heads are that way. The band
squishes the mixture to the center of the cylinder and makes
for a much better burn. The head on my 61 Super 10 has a
combustion chamber very similar to that one. The squish band
varies depending on riding style. For racing, the band is
generally 3/8" wide, for trials riding it is about 5/8" Wide

This is for a 165 but the chamber is much larger. Was this
for some low compression model? Has someone machined this out
for some reason? What have I got? I have put it next to a
"normal head for comparison.

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