From:Tom Van Beek
Subject:RE: Identification and Sale Date:Wed May 11 10:30:54 2016
Response to:21222
Hi: I live in southern Wisconsin, just north of Milwaukee, the bike appears to be a 1959 or 1960 and that is only judging by what is visible. I based my guess on the speedometer as I think it is the larger one that is 0-60 mph. Can't tell from picture if it has an ignition switch in gas tank or not. Fenders are bobbed, normally first two numbers on the engine would indicate the year! Interested please contact me at 262-338-8986 or email: Thanks! Tom

Hi All,

Looking for identification on the bike in the photo. All parts are in the photo, no engine but spare handlebars. Wondering what it is and what it may be worth.

It is part of an estate and is for sale. Make me an offer. Bike is located in southern Wisconsin.

Thanks much--

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