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why golly gee wiz gene by gosh o'golly Dean Hummer will be
there. yes sir ree bob your darn tootin there will be bikes
to look at. will there be educational discussions you ask;
well, you betcha,our nations educational system may be in
the dumper but Hummer education is at an all time high !
food and drink ? more than you can shake a stick at.
as far as fellowship goes why more fellowship than a barrel
full of puppies.


Hey there mr john dutra! That sounds like a great time!
You say mr Dean Hummwr, THE man whom these great bikes are
named after, will be there? That's awesome!
Will there be bikes to look at? Will there be educational
Will there be food and drink? And good fellowship?
Well, count me in! I will be there.
Once again the Hummer Tent will be at Dixon. The dates
are June 17th
and 18th at the Dixon Fairgrounds just a half hour south of
Our spot is the same one as last year, on the North West
corner of the
Dean Hummer and Family will be there as well as our usual
cast of
characters so please come out with your Hummers/Scats etc..
or related
stories (true or not) and join in. Every year has gotten
bigger and better and
now we have the room to keep growing. So help us by showing
up and
hoisting a few as well as the required bench racing.

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