From:john dutra
Subject:RE: starting my hummer /.problems Date:Wed May 18 18:05:52 2016
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Hi Patrick,
Sounds like you've got the basics down. You're correct on
the switch gear. I believe the headlight and taillight
share a coil and the engine and brake light share the other
I dry kick my Super 10 (no gas or choke) 2 or three times
then open the petcock, choke it and going just beyond tdc
give a strong kick while giving it about an 8th to as much
as a quarter throttle. If your points gap/timing is correct
she should fire off in a "few" kicks. Fresh fuel oil mix is
always helpful too.I also like to keep the lights off while
kicking. The two coils are supposed to be isolated so
probably more superstitious than anything,I just want every
bit of juice going to spark and when you really don't
understand electrical systems as well as you should,well,
you become superstitious. The kill button is easy,it's the
little button sticking out of the front of the right side
cover. It can become hard to push but a firm push and hold
will ground the points and kill the motor.
Good luck and post some pictures when you get a chance.

bought my dads 1961 super 10 hummer . its been along time
since i started it . it was recently rebuilt frame up .
problem is the electrical . i am no dummy ? so walk me thru
the starting procedures in this magneto bike please .i see
there is a switch om the left side by the handkebars /light
i beleive it is for the light on off . i also know the horn
button is on the right side handlebar . i know to turn on
the gas , set the choke .my dad recently drove it so i am
either looking for the - start or ---------- how do you
turn it off ! switch . need to ride ! no other obvious
switch , i looked a lot ............. gas is fresh .

thanks , Patrick

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