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O.K. Patrick, as Dave states below the switch to the left
controls the headlight.
As for starting, we're basically back to the old internal
combustion rule of spark, fuel and compression those three
and an unrestricted source of air and there really is
nothing left to keep it from starting. Check those things
if any one is not present fix it fire it and ride it.
P.S. Should be a good strong spark !

The switch to the left of the headlight is the headlight
dimmer switch. It is 3-position: Dim, Off, Bright.

The headlight will not function unless the bike is running,
since there is no battery...

This switch, especially with the original knurled chrome
knob, is a bit rare. It also fits early Sportsters. So
take good care of it...



John thanks for the info , i found the kill switch ,
thank-you . i understand the dry kick method and cracking
the throttle as you give that compressed kick ......
i tried all that and still no start . i am confused about
the switch mentioned since it seems to be a 2 way switch
by the left side of headlight . which posistion is it to
be for the engine and brake versus the headlight and back
light ect.? or does it matter ? i tried both posistions
of course / and still no luck i am close to getting there
/ i know it/ do you have to retard the magneto in any way
to start? i did buy a new superglide in 1996 special
order out of milwaukee harley plant drove it 12 years
and got married know the rest yes i sold the bike
for a camper / family in milwaukee got some old
pics of me and Willie G. with vintage bikes back in the
late 70's i will post the hummer and some pic's of willie
g before he even went to sturgis ....gotta get this
scooter going first / no real hurry since it is a show
bike , and my new babie . gotta do it right ! my history
is born in milwaukee . drove dads hummer bought a sprint
and superglide. got the hummer back and will be arround
here. {website} thanks for all your help keep in touch
..harley rallies and all i could come in handy ! patrick.

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