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I was mistaken, the bars were not 11 pieces, they were 13. Lol

The bars alone were 11 pieces. Not a single part of this bike was left
Every weld was redone and then smoothed out. Even the hubs were gold
With Mutts help I even found an old Lodge racing spark plug to put in the
holder between the tanks. I have a video of the bike that shows way more
of the
details, how I hid the electrical, horn, carb brace an a 100 other details but
the site
won't down load it. Some people are going to hate me but I even took a nos
muffler and rewarded the entire thing and smoothed it all out and then had
it re
chromed and added a turned brass tip that captures the stinger inside.

Should all be chromed and the paint and pin striping done in gold leaf by
the end
of the month and it will be ready to ride.

Thanks Travis, Mutt, Mr. Taylor, Mr. White, Richard for all the help and parts
Ace from Japan who did all the leather.

I'm still looking for another race jug if anyone has one.

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