Subject:spark plug , gas mixture Date:Thu May 26 23:36:17 2016
i am going to try and start my 1961 hummer super 10 . gas is old , bike is rebuilt so i am going to start with fresh gas / oil . i am told the ratio is 30 /1 . is that correct ? also when i pull the plug do i have to go all the way the harley dealer to buy a new one ? what is a good plug and plug # for this bike please include the gap . i bought this from my 91 year old dad he drove it briefly and i am not sure of the gas , so i will dump it put 1 fresh gallon of high octane unleaded gas and new plug . any other suggestions - i would appreciate hearing from you. i do have spark tester and will check for spark / if the scoot gives me grief . but i do not expect any and need to get this bike running .pa just passed .happy memorial day !
drive safe .

milwaukee Pat

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