From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Horn Problem Date:Tue May 31 17:06:30 2016
Response to:21278
Does the horn have an adjusting screw? You should use a 6 volt battery and see how the horn beeps. If it doesn't beep well, turn the adjusting screw a little in either direction, and see if it improves.

If it doesn't beep well on a battery, it won't beep well on the bike. However, sometimes it needs minor re-adjustment when it's on the bike.


Looking at the wiring diagram, it appears that the magneto lighting coil runs both the headlight and the horn.

How bright is the headlight? What happens when you have the headlight on and press the horn button?

I am using a new 6-volt replacement horn for my Super 10 but can't get a loud sound. I have a magneto and can get a little beep if the engine is reved up. I have checked the horn button circuit and it is fine. All of my wiring is also brand new. My ignition works fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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