From:Mark Ferra
Subject:RE: Electrical issue with 63 scat Date:Sat Jun 4 14:44:59 2016
Response to:21287
Are you sure the coil is good?

Help!im trying to get my restored 63 scat
started, and seem to have a problem!
I don't seem to have spark at the spark plug. The motor
was restored rebuilt a couple years ago but I've never had
it started.
I also put. A new wiring harness.
Now I notice when I'm kicking it, if I hold the horn button
in while kicking, the horn will go off in a pattern like
the engine turning over. But, the bike doesn't seem to have
spark at the spark plug. Yet I've checked all connections
So now I don't understand why the horn wire seems hot, but
bike doesn't have spark or start.
Thanks in advance.. Gene

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