From:Gene underwood
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Electrical issue with 63 scat Date:Sun Jun 5 22:37:04 2016
Response to:21289
I tried coil and spark plug wire and spark plug from my 62 pacer but, but
still no spark. I compared the wiring hookups, and discovered a mistake I
made when wiring the 63. I had wire form coil and wire from condenser
under the screw holding points in place, and wire connected to rear fender
under the screw that hold those same points together. I switched them all,
but probably screwed up that set of points while doing it! The bike still has
no spark to the plug!

I agree with mark. You can pick a 6v coil
at the local farm supply and see if that helps.


Are you sure the coil is good?

Help!im trying to get my restored 63 scat
started, and seem to have a problem!
I don't seem to have spark at the spark plug. The motor
was restored rebuilt a couple years ago but I've never had
it started.
I also put. A new wiring harness.
Now I notice when I'm kicking it, if I hold the horn button
in while kicking, the horn will go off in a pattern like
the engine turning over. But, the bike doesn't seem to have
spark at the spark plug. Yet I've checked all connections
So now I don't understand why the horn wire seems hot, but
bike doesn't have spark or start.
Thanks in advance.. Gene

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