From:Mario Vitale
Subject:RE: RE: Pictures Date:Wed Jun 8 14:49:08 2016
Response to:21297
Thanks for the note. I am attaching a photo as
requested. The bracket looks pretty good. I spoke with
another member this morning (Charles) and he gave me the
dimensions for the tube.
It looks like I could do a couple of things... make a
duplicate tube and weld in in place, or I could just mak
a right hand side of the tube and weld it to the existing
left hand stub. If I did this I would put a copper bar
thru both tubes to keep them in line and allow good weld
penetration without welding the alignment tool in place:)

Of course, if you have any other ideas, I am all ears!
If I am not careful, I might learn something!?!?

Thanks again


You are starting on a fun adventure. Some 20 years ago it
was almost impossible to rebuild a 48-50 model because
many of the parts were simply not to be found. Currently,
almost every part has been reproduced to rebuild this
model year.

Re your picture of the foot peg cross tube and kickstand
bracket plate attached.
There are two ways to correct this depending on condition
of the bracket plate. Please post a left side view of
bracket plate and we can go from there.

Duane Taylor

Sorry I have had so much trouble posting but here is
the first pic.

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