From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Electrical issue with 63 scat Date:Sat Jun 11 18:26:35 2016
Response to:21310

One coil/points runs the ignition and stoplight, the other coil/points runs the horn, headlight and taillight.

So when you hold the horn button while kicking, it shows that the lighting coil and points are working.

But what about the ignition coil? You can do a rough test with an ohmmeter - the coil should be neither shorted nor open. Measure the impedance of the lighting coil. The ignition coil should be roughly the same. Which I think is only a couple of ohms.

The coils are different. One has thicker wires and is designed to handle more current. Physically you can swap them. Electrically, it might NOT be a good idea. Mutt? Duane? Is this a good idea?

Just to make sure, have you swapped the points? I've had some points that looked fine, but won't pass 'lectrikity even after filing them. Of course an ohmmeter will do it too.

An ohmmeter will quickly prove out your wiring harness. A $20 multimeter from Radio Shack or an auto parts store is one of the best tools around!

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