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Don’t panic Gene, most of my unsolvable problems came to light while I reset my thinker over a cup of Coffee. You have received a good number of ideas from members. You initial comment was your horn squawked if you held the horn button when you kick it over. That would lead me to believe your rotor and mag coil on that side are working and for now “ground” pertains only to your engine assembly which is working.
Start at the beginning, you know what part is working now check the other side. Brent mentioned checking the mag coil for magnesium (small screwdriver) would be step 1. Even a little magnesium should be enough.
Step 2. You need a way to check for voltage. I do not like digital multi meters for this work, they are slow in response. If you do not have an old type multi meter the best would be a small simple 6 volt lamp with wires (about 12 in long) soldered to the end and side with small clamps on the ends. Attach one to any metal point on the engine assembly (for ground), disconnect the mag coil wire at the breaker set and connect your test lamp to that wire. Now kick the engine over (spark plug removed for ease of spinning the engine), lamp should indicate power, if not look for problem here.
Step 3. Test your Ignition coil, plug wire and spark plug as a unit, Try a simple bench test of these items with a 6 volt battery and jumper wires. With a clean spark plug in a cylinder head adjust so you have an easy view if the electrodes, connect plug wire to the coil, connect a jumper wire from the negative terminal of the battery to the negative terminal on the coil and also to the cylinder head, with a jumper wire from the positive terminal of the battery touch it to the positive terminal of the coil for a couple of seconds and disconnect sharply. At that point a spark should have been produced. If not replace one of the three items one at a time to locate the defective item. Same procedure can be followed on the bike after removing wiring harness wires from the ignition coil and securing the spark plug in some fashion to ground it to the cylinder head. If all check good you are back to the contact set or breaker points. Where are we now?

Harry McGill

Connect a temporary ground from the crankcase to a clean place on the frame. If the horn is squeaking when kicked over it may indicate that the horn connection is the only place where there is a ground. If the engine and frame are not positively grounded to each other your system does not make a complete circuit.

What?!? I paint it all pretty and now Im Expected to scratch up said paint
job? Where are the grounds you speak of??? I did sand the outside of the
external coil and the bracket and the bolts there. The wires to rear fender
has insulators, so it doesn't ground there. I'm not sure where else. Help!!!

Gene, check your GROUNDS ! You have painted and or powder
coated the frame and it's very likely you need to remove
those coatings at the grounding points.

A buddy of mine almost went crazy a few years back due to
a similar problem. It turned out to be a copper wire in
the ignition system that didn't pass electricity. There
was something wrong with the copper. He finally stripped
off all the rubber insulation and found the bare wire
unbroken but showed NO continuity from end to end
(checked with ohm meter). It sat on a special hook in his
workshop as a reminder. The only other thing I can think
of without being there to look at everything is the
possibility your rotor has lost its magnetism. Does it
pull the tip of a screwdriver into it?

Hello people.
The scat still has no spark. I've changed the spark plug
plug wire, external coil, condensers, both internal
coils, adjusted points both sets. .
Only thing I haven't changed is the entire mag thio
really what else would that change? Since I've replaced
all the pieces.all the pieces came off my 63 pacer by
which runs fine. E scat has a new wiring harness too.
There were six Pete hanging out around the bike today and
we are all baffled.
Brent Dugan, do you have any ideas? How about you dave
Mutt, Duane, Chris, john, Dan, mark, And none else I may
have forgotten to mention, I appreciate all the ideas.
Tried them all. Still no luck.
The bike will be going to Dixon and anyone who wants to
look while there I would sure appreciate!
Anyone got an idea, please help.
Dave, instead of being quiet as you say members are on
here, how about chiming in on one of my posts?!? Also,
hope you post pictures from and even comment on the
harley hummer hospitality hut in Dixon this year. We
will. Retained send you pictures!

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