From:Rocky e-mail:BDFRY-A-FLASH.NET
Subject:Hummer Races at Wauseon 2016 Date:Mon Jul 4 08:11:37 2016
Hummer Races are On.
Let's Go Racers!!!
Class 11 remains All Lightweight Harley. Yea.

Here are the Rules.

Class 11-LW165

165cc LIGHTWEIGHT - 1948-1966
1. Rear brakes required - no front brakes.
2. Years of bikes are 1948-1966 Harley-Davidson.
3. 1948-1966 engines.
4. Stock frames from 1948-1966 hard tail or swing arm frame. Frame may be braced for extra support.
5. You must use stock cylinders 1948-1966, but may alter intake and exhaust ports.
6. Must run stock gas tank.
7. No reed valves intake.
8. You may change the head, carburetor, exhaust pipes, wheels, handle bars, seat and front end.

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